Our Story

Coldzen is a new start-up that provide cold brew coffee for coffee geeks that love the coffee culture from around the world. We want to be the best cold brew coffee brewer in UK that give the best coffee experience to our customer.

Our Logo meaning

The circle at the logo has been designed using a modern simple and bold circle that symbolizes the zen circle Enso.
The main circle has a letter C and a degree (º) symbol that gives the logo meaning of cold.
Turquoise is the colour that we pick for this product. Turquoise itself is a blend of blue and green. The colour turquoise is associated with meanings of refreshing, calming, energy wisdom, wholeness, emotional balance. This colour is a good combination with our product name Coldzen. Because it has the element meaning of refresh, energy, and calming.
The word coldzen comes from cold and zen, in separate words cold mean low temperature, something that is freezing. On the other side, zen means feeling peaceful or relaxed. So coldzen means the ease of mind with a cold sensation. This sensation makes your mind cooler and relax and ready to do your next activity.