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Specialty grade coffee with long brew time and perfect grind. The best cold brew coffee that will give you an ease of mind with a peaceful sensation. You just need to drink it!

Why coldzen is special?

Good quality coffee never lies
Fresh specialty coffee

We gather fresh coffee bean from around the world. Every season we have different type of coffee varieties, it will never disappoint you.

long brewing time

Coldzen is process by using the best temperature water 20° C in normal room temperature, over 24 hours of brew time. This process will give the you the best cold brew experience ever.

Different type of cold brew

4 variant of our cold brew is the best recipe we produce. Each beverage have a different touch of flavour and taste.

Our best cold brew coffee

weird coffee person best beverage
Seasonal Signature give you the exploration of coffee around the world. Each roast of coffee beans have different flavour and taste that the roasters develop. Sweet Palm latte is our specialty cold brew latte, this beverage have a taste of a tropical coffee. It's never to late to drink it

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